Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I want to be on Joyce Meyer's Stage Someday

I know... you'd think I work for Joyce Meyer as much as I talk about her on the different bulletin boards I post on and as much as I talk about her books in every day life, but, I don't. Although if she were ever hiring for something I could actually DO, I'd move to St. Louis if I could get my husband to go there. I have no actual ties to her, except for being a JMM Partner. But here I go, plugging her again.

I would love to get on Joyce Meyer's stage someday and talk to everyone in the audience. Like at the Women's Conference in St. Louis. As extremely shy as I am, I would see this as a huge victory over my past to be able to get up and talk in front of everyone-to show myself and God that He is changing me.

What I want to say is how picking up The Battlefield of the Mind book (which, if you've come to read this blog from other websites, you've probably seen me endlessly talk about) off the shelf at Barnes and Noble starting changing my entire life around last year. How I was completely lost and hopeless after having my heart broken, how it was the last straw in a long string of disappointments and aches & pains. How I had to choose between 2 books on the shelf, and "just happened" to pick up Joyce's book. I would love to talk to people about how I didn't even realize at the time that God was directing my steps, How reading the book began to change my thoughts, and I didn't even realize I COULD do that. And then I started looking at the JMM website and well lo and behold, a Joyce Meyer conference was coming to my town, of all places! And then I went-- and got hooked. And I would love to tell of all the hard work, the tears, the prayers, the changes that have gone on in the past year, that wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't picked up that one book. I want to tell about all the things God has been doing in my life. The things I am still waiting for Him to do. How He has changed my world.

My mind is still in a daily battle. Some days I wonder if it will ever end. It has gotten easier. My Battlefield of the Mind book is tattered and torn from reading it so many times. My B.of the M. CD's are probably worn out from listening to them, as are most of my Joyce Meyer CD's. God is slowly renewing my mind, from the train wreck that it was, into the mind of Christ, which is where it needs to be. Some days are easier, and some days it is harder.

Well, the baby is awake, and I have no eloquent ending to this post now. But someday I do want to be up on Joyce's stage. I have myself this small ministry from different websites of e-mailing people who write to me, offering encouragement, talking to them about the word of God, a few dozen here and there. Because I have been faithful with the little things (more on that in another post) I hope that someday God will allow me to reach more people than just sitting here with my little laptop.

More later.

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R.L.Scovens said...

I feel the same way...I'd move to St.Louis in a heartbeat to work for Joyce's ministry! It would be a blessing to give back.