Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The baby and I have started playing endless rounds of Peek-a-boo. Its her latest thing. Peek! Boo. Peek? BOO!!! She will play it with a towel, a blankie, a baby wipe, the newspaper, behind a shoestring--it doesn't matter. If there's something she can put in front of her eyes or over her head, she's all for it.

Which makes me wonder a couple things:

1)How come everyone understands how to play Peekaboo, yet there are no written rules for it? Everyone just KNOWS.

2)Why does it make her laugh so hard? Is it really a surprise to see me peek out from behind a shoestring that I am really NOT hidden behind?

3)Why does it make ME laugh so hard? I already KNOW the surprise ending of peekaboo, having played it for over 35 years, myself.

I've played peekaboo with a LOT of kids in my life. Over a hundred, probably. Always up for a good game. To me its the same idea as hide and seek, but with a faster beat and the happy ending comes much quicker. I leave and come back, leave and come back, but never have to go away, and you find me: here I am! Did you think I went away? Fooled you! Boo! I was here all along!

Have you ever played PeekaBoo with people? Its harder with people than with babies. People don't always appreciate it. You hide, they don't come back. You close your eyes, peek, and they're gone. People are tough. People don't stick around, despite our best efforts. What about with God? Ever play Peekaboo with GOD? Ever do something wrong, and close your eyes in an effort to hide from the Great Almighty? I know I have. I've sinned, and shut my own eyes, hoping He didn't see it (too bad, He did.) Then in shame, I refuse to say Peek! and I fear the thundrous BOO! that I know will be coming from the skies, that huge BOOOOOO! which surely will bring the punishment that I know I deserve. So I continue to hide-- behind a shoelace, a blankie, a greater sin. I try to hide from God, as if He who counts the hairs on my head doesn't know where I am the whole time. But I fear Him.

The good news is, my friends, is that God is not the Great & Almight Oz, who's voice booms out from behind a curtain in a frightening tone like when Dorothy & her friends arrive.

He is instead, our Good Shepherd, our Friend. He wants you back when you hide away. He is always seeking us, his lost sheep. He will not come down with a might BOO! HOW DARE YOU HIDE FROM ME! COME OUT NOW! But instead a gentle Peekaboo! like we do with babies.

Can you see Jesus's face? Our gentle, good-natured, compassionate Jesus who loves you so much that he gave his life for you-- pulling that blankie you have hidden under-- and saying "I see you. Its okay to come out now." He doesn't want you to hide. He is gentle and humble in spirit. He doesn't want you to be fearful of him, just as when we play Peekaboo with babies. We don't start playing Peekaboo with a 6 month old and automatically start screaming "AAGGGHHH!!!!! AAAOOOOOOGAAAA!! " in her face. Jesus doesn't do that either. Imagine him, calling you back from your hiding place.

Open your eyes. Don't hide any longer. The one who loves you wants you to peek .

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Jennifer said...

That's exactly what it feels like for me! A game of peek-a-boo with Jesus! :-)