Tuesday, October 20, 2009

By Your Side

It makes me sad--partly because I'VE done it,too-that people run to so many things in the world for love that will never, ever fill that hole in their heart. That people search and hide and run and try so hard to fill themselves up with addictions, with people, with material things, trying so hard to make themselves feel ALL RIGHT. It will never work, because the hole that is inside of us is a Jesus-shaped hole, and the only thing that will ever truly fill us up is having Jesus in our heart, asking God for forgiveness and asking Him to come live inside of us and take over our lives. That is really, truly the only way to find true happiness and contentment. Believe me, I have tried my share of other things, too. It wasn't until I ran straight into the arms of God that I found something that made my heart feel whole again.
I love this video. It is a love song from God to us. Truly listen to the words, and hear your loving Abba God calling out to you.

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